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Chivalry is Not Dead!

We have just one more week of school left until summer break.  We have had such an amazing year with our new school.  When I tell people about it the first question is always, “that’s a public school?” Yep!  We love the teachers and the principal, but I have also been impressed by the other kids.  The girls and I have all noticed how much nicer they are at this school compared to the last school.  I don’t know why this is, but we are so thankful for the good friends we are finding.

Yesterday, Morgan came home with a story about a soccer game at recess.  A bunch of boys were playing and she wanted to play too.  She jumped into the game and one of the boys from her class yelled, “go easy on Morgan!” Apparently he told her that he plays soccer and got hit in the face recently.  He seemed honestly concerned for her well being.  At, six years old, I find that impressive.  He also went out of his way to stop fast moving balls for her in the middle of the game, so she would be able to take a shot.  Morgan is tough and a natural athlete.  She didn’t need him to do this, but I find it adorable that he took it upon himself to protect her and make sure she had turns with the ball.

Morgan’s story reminded me of an incident with Emma earlier in the year.  I was waiting for her after school and as usual she was the last child out the gate.  Normally she is last because she is busy chatting with friends or looking for a lost lunchbox.  This day was different because she came out with a boy from her class.  He was carrying a box that belonged to her.  He saw her in the classroom with a lot to carry out to the car and stopped to help her with her things.

So often we hear stories about kids being rude and disrespectful.  It’s exciting to see so many thoughtful kids at the school.  Especially boys treating girls with respect!  It gives me hope for the future of our daughters. I would love to hear more stories like this. Comment with a story about kids being kind to others.  I know they’re out there.


Back to School Shopping

I love the idea of brand new school supplies.  There is just something exciting about opening a fresh box of crayons, having markers that work and a stack of blank notebooks.  It means a fresh start and hope for organization and a great school year.

Unfortunately, the first public school we tried with Emma sucked the joy out of this experience.  The supply list was so long.  It included all of the standard stuff plus everything that the teacher was going to need for the year, but the school could not afford to supply.  They even used a check list to make sure that each child donated every item on the list.  Including cash donations for certain items that the teacher would be purchasing for us.  We ended up spending a ton of money and sending our little kindergartener off to school with about twenty pounds worth of supplies.  It was a sad sight.  I understand that the public schools are short on funding.  I know what it is like to live on a teacher’s salary and have to pay out of pocket for classroom supplies, but there has to be a better way!

This year we are trying a new school for both of  our girls.  The kindergarten supply list came in the mail and I was nervous to read it.  However, this school takes a completely different approach to the supply list.  They actually follow the education code, which states that the school, not the parent, is responsible for supplies that are essential for learning.  Wow!  What a relief.  The letter suggested that I may want to supply a backpack for my child and that the classroom teacher would greatly appreciate donations like pencils, tissues, and baby wipes.  The list was short.  The items are on sale right now and there is no pressure to donate.

We just finished our school supply shopping for the girls.  Many of the items we will keep at home for homework time and the rest will be donated.  I imagine sending the girls to school with their backpacks and a small bag of donation items light enough for them to carry themselves.  Thank you, Campus Canyon, for putting the joy back in the Back to School Shopping experience.  I can get behind this approach and attitude towards donations.  It makes me want to donate the things that the teachers are asking for.