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Preschool Artwork

Today we decided to clean out the coat closet in our living room.  The top shelf was full of artwork that my five year old brought home over the course of the last school year.  We pulled it all out and piled it on the floor.  It was rather overwhelming once we unleashed this mess from the closet.  Morgan was excited to see it all again and instantly fell in love with all of it all over again, which of course means we can’t part with a single picture or project.  Luckily she got bored and I was able to sneak away some of it.  I am sure she will never notice.




After much sorting, weeding, cutting, and gluing… this is the finished product!  

We actually have four of these neatly stacked in our now clean coat closet.  Each girl has two from their two years at preschool.  I don’t know if they will keep them forever, but it was my way of saving their work just a little longer.