Birthday Catch Up

I have been working this week to bring my blog up to date and I realized that I haven’t posted any of my oldest daughter’s cakes in quite some time. For her 9th birthday she had her first slumber party and decided not to have a cake. The kids made monster cookies instead. They took cookie dough and loaded it with tons of candy before baking. The cookies turned out to be about the size of their faces and looked completely disgusting. They loved it!

For her 10th birthday she had a sleepover and pool party the next day. She designed and helped make these cute cupcakes to have at the pool. We used graham cracker crumbs for the sand, fruit rolls for the beach blankets, teddy grahams and life saver gummies for the life savers. We also added some gummy sharks and cocktail umbrellas. This was a super easy and fun treat for a pool party.

pool party cupcakes

When she turned 11 we said goodbye to the slumber parties. WooHoo!! She asked for a bowling party, which was a lot of fun and nobody was sleep deprived or cranky. This was my first attempt at cake balls. They turned out pretty well considering I had no idea what I was doing.

cake crumbsI made a sheet cake and crumbled it into a bowl, then mixed in my buttercream. After I formed the balls, I used Wilton candy melts to coat them. I learned that you have to add vegetable oil to thin the candy and it takes a lot more candy than I expected to have the volume you need for a good coating. I ended up spooning some of it over the cake balls and that was difficult. I don’t recommend it! In the end I had bowling balls that looked pretty cool.bowling balls

The bowling pins were quite a challenge. I made cupcakes and put mini cupcakes on top. On top of all of that I put a cake ball. I used frosting to glue all of the pieces together and then froze them so they wouldn’t fall apart. After the frosting was hard, I covered everything in a final layer of white frosting. I used small strips of fruit rolls to make the red stripes on the pins. I didn’t love the way they turned out, but the kids liked them and it did make for a cute table display for a bowling party.

Step One: Mini cupcakes on top of cupcakes

Step One: Mini cupcakes on top of cupcakes

Step Two: Cake balls on top of the mini cupcakes

Step Two: Cake balls on top of the mini cupcakes

Finished Product

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