Monthly Archives: December 2012

Flooding Take One

I have wanted to try colorflow or flooding for quite some time, but have been waiting for the right opportunity.  I decided to make a cake for our dance teacher because her birthday was on the same day as our dance class.  This was the perfect opportunity to try flooding some royal icing.

I printed the logo for our dance studio and covered it with waxed paper. There was no way I could freehand the lettering and I love this technique for making complicated designs from royal icing.

DF cake 1

Next I outlined the lettering with black icing.  This frosting is fairly stiff because it acts as a barrier for the thin icing.

DF cake 2

Once the black icing was dry I filled two plastic bottles with the icing I wanted to use to flood.  I did not buy any actual color flow.  I just watered down my icing before putting it in the bottles.  I was nervous about making it to thin, so it was a little on thick side.

DF cake 3

As I started filling in the logo, I realized it wasn’t runny enough and used a toothpick to pull the frosting to the edges.  It’s important not to have gaps because the frosting needs to dry together and form one piece.  This helps with the integrity of the design when it’s time to move it to the cake.

DF cake 4

I let the logo dry for a couple of days before putting it on the cake.  I think 24 hrs would have been plenty of time, but I left extra time in case the first one broke.  I was really excited with the finished product and the way it looked on the cake.

DF cake 5