It’s A Boy!

My best friend is expecting her first baby this summer and I had the honor of making a cake for her baby shower. Since she will be having a boy I could not whip out my standard princess or butterfly cake. She and her husband requested an R2D2 cake and here is how it turned out.

Overall, I was really happy with this cake.  There were no major issues while making it and it turned out the way I imagined.  There is always room for improvement, so I would love another shot at this cake.  But for now, here is how I made it and what I learned.

The base of the cake is four round cakes.  The head and legs are made from rice krispie treats.  I molded the head in a buttered bowl that fit the top of the cakes.  I let the legs set in loaf pans and then cut out the shapes once they cooled.  Here they are pre-frosting and fondant.


The assembly of the cake was very straight forward and this was probably my best fondant experience since I started using it.  I made a cake a couple of weeks ago and had a terrible time with the fondant, got mad, and threw away my Wilton roll and cut mat.  It was old and curling up on me.  Worst of all the fondant kept sticking to it.  So, for this project I bought myself a present.  The Wilton decorator work mat.  It was amazing.  If you don’t have one, you need one.  And no, they did not pay me to write that, but maybe they should! 🙂 It sticks to the table and does not move when I roll out the fondant.  It was also so much easier to clean.

If I make this cake again I will wait to put the head on top until right before the event.  I put this head on the cake the night before the shower and his poor body could not handle the weight.  Just like a real baby!  Anyway, it started to compress and mess up my fondant, which looked awesome on day one.  I would also cover the head and legs better.  I ended up with seams that I was not happy with. Minor details really, but I always see the flaws.  Luckily, my friends always see the things they love and the cake was a hit.

May the force be with you!


About Tanya

I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love to bake and create fancy cakes. Read more about my life at and see our latest family blog

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  1. Very cool cake. Your friend is lucky to have you for a friend!

  2. This is such a wonderful bake! I simply adore the design! =)

  3. It’s a cute idea for a birthday new baby boy 🙂

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