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Lessons from Lazarus

Chapter 8 of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is quite long, which is one reason it took me two weeks to get through it.  I am so slow when it comes to reading this type of book, but I am not giving up.  This chapter is called “Lessons from Lazarus” and is all about God’s timing.  Everyone thought that Jesus would heal Lazarus when he heard about his illness, but the plot thickens when Lazarus actually dies.

I am sure we can all relate to this moment.  We know what we want and when we want it, but God does not work on our schedule.  It’s discouraging when you think that God hasn’t answered your prayers and things just aren’t going the way you think they should.  I can relate to this feeling because I like to plan things.  I like to be organized and in control of things as much as possible.  When things don’t go according to my plans I get very frustrated and sometimes discouraged.

Of course the story of Lazarus has a happy ending and I believe mine will too.  The best part of this chapter is the reminder that Jesus understands what we are going through.  He can relate to our pain and frustration.  The famous verse, “Jesus wept” comes from this story.  Jesus wept and he knew the ending already.  He cares enough for us that he cries for our sorrows.  We are so blessed to have a Savior who understands.  All we have to do is trust and have faith that he knows the ending and it is a happy one.

Hula Hoops

One of the things I have enjoyed about Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is the way Weaver is able to illustrate her points.   In chapter seven, she uses the example of hula hoops to illustrate our busy lives.  We try to keep many hoops circling all at once.  Quite often when one hoop falls, so do the others.  She explains that the only way to keep them moving is to find your rhythm and your center.  The more hoops you are trying to balance, the more you need to be centered.  However, that’s when we tend to skip quiet time because we feel too busy!

Near the end of the chapter, Weaver lists some ideas for creative quiet times.  I love practical applications, so I will share some of these.  The first is to “take God out for coffee”.  Heading to a local coffee shop with your Bible and finding a quiet corner to read.  I like ideas that get you out of the house because the house can be so distracting with dishes and clutter crying out for attention.  Just heading out for a walk is another idea that I like.  She also suggests journaling, singing, memorizing scripture and adding devotionals to supplement Bible reading.

This chapter really just sums up the idea of keeping your priorities in order and “choosing the better part”.