Distraction, Discouragement, and Doubt

I realize that this is not a very cheerful title for a blog post, but it is the theme in chapter two of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. The chapter starts out discussing how life is not fair, so I guess I jumped the gun last week when I wrote about that in relation to chapter one.  If you missed that post see Mary vs Martha to get caught up.

Chapter two seems to be geared towards busy moms.  Weaver is pointing out tools that Satan uses to disrupt our walk with God.  It makes a lot of sense, but is kind of scary to think about.  If distraction is step one, then I am in trouble right off the bat.  It is so easy to be distracted by things that are important, but can become all-consuming.  My list of important distractions would include taking care of the kids, keeping up with chores, running errands, and making time for friends. Not as important distractions might include e-mail, facebook, and checking my blog stats!  Step one: guilty.

Step two is discouragement.  Once we are completely distracted by our busy lives we can quickly become discouraged.  I think this is especially hard when we see value in all of the things that we are doing that keep up so busy.  Martha felt the same way.  Anything that makes us too busy for God is bound to make us feel discouraged.  I can definitely relate to this.  I am often discouraged when I feel that I have done all the “right” things, but can’t seem to get ahead.  We work hard, but the bills keep piling up and it’s hard to find any money for the savings account at the end of the month.  We try to teach or kids manners, but they continue to do some gross things at the dinner table!  Both of these things are discouraging, so I’m guilty again.

Once we are distracted and discouraged it is easy to see how the next step can be doubt.  If I work hard at good things in life and end up feeling discouraged, then I start to doubt God’s faithfulness and forget his promises.  As depressing as all of this sounds, it’s a good reminder of how Satan works to mess up our lives.  Once we are aware of it we can work to avoid that path. I am sure this is where the “Mary heart” comes in.


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  1. I think those three D’s are mostly true as tools the devil uses, but I’ve always thought that pride often brings our downfall as well.
    I liked the author’s discussion of Eve in Chapter 2.

  2. I also liked the part about Eve. I can relate to the idea of needing an itinerary rather than just trusting God’s plans. I am definitely a planner which can quickly lead to discouragement and doubt when my plans fall apart! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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