Pac Man Cake

I am noticing that the cakes are taking over this blog, but that is partially because the cakes are starting to take over my life!  Not really, but I am making a lot of them these days.  My latest creation was a pac man inspired cake.  I had a lot of fun with this one because I didn’t have to mess with fondant or gum paste.  I just relied on my piping skills, which I am actually quite proud of.

The biggest challenge with this cake was the black frosting.  I made a chocolate buttercream with melted squares of unsweetened chocolate.  I didn’t want to use cocoa powder because the color would be so light.  Starting with a dark brown was helpful and I didn’t have to add too much black tint.  I recommend this technique because it worked quite well.  It was challenging because the recipe I used did not make enough frosting to cover the whole cake.  Yikes!  So, at about 10pm my husband had to run to the grocery store to buy more unsweetened chocolate so I could make more icing.  And then I had to try to match the color!  When coloring frosting, you should always make way more than you think you need.  Dumb mistake.  The other nice thing about black frosting is that it gets darker with time.  It looked fairly gray when I made it, but the color was perfect the next morning.

I planned the cake on graph paper, so I would be sure to have straight lines and the right spacing.  Then I made a bunch of royal icing and piped all my characters and walls for the maze onto waxed paper.  These dried perfectly and I didn’t break any while transferring them to the cake.  I always make extras just in case, so I had a little pile of pac man guys and ghosts left over at the end.  Aren’t they cute?


Once the cake was frosted I carefully put all of the wall pieces on and used mini M&Ms for the dots and four regular sized M&Ms for the big dots in the corners.  The cherries are two red mini M&Ms with little frosting stems.  I put pac man and the ghosts in play and that was it!  I did not miss sculpting, rice krispies, fondant or gum paste and I loved the way the cake turned out.  I see more simple cakes in my future… I hope!

Finished Product





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  1. This is awesome! Well-done. I did a Pac Man cake too:
    Now, I want to make one like yours as well.

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