Funny Search Terms Part Two

Yesterday I wrote about all of the funny things people have searched for that brought them to my blog looking for cake decorating ideas.  Or at least I think that’s what they were looking for.  Since I do have posts about things other than baking I thought I would share some other funny search terms today.

I have written about some of the fun activities I do with my daughters, so I assume that’s why my blog came up when someone searched for “girl home fun”.  While it’s fun to imagine the possibilities of what that person might have been looking for, a more specific search of “mall girls” is just as confusing.

My favorite searches are the ones that convey emotion.  “How to scrapbook all the preschool” is top of the list in this category.  Anyone with a preschooler can relate to the enormous amount of artwork that comes home from school.  I posted about a strategy I have used to help conquer the mountain of construction paper, paint and glitter.  I hope it was helpful to the person frantically searching for “how to scrapbook all the preschool”!

Then there are the searches that I just plain don’t understand.  I am sure the people who searched for these terms were disappointed when they clicked on my blog. The phrases “route tree football” and  “football routen” mean nothing to me.  Sorry.  And the best confusing search would have to be “what year wilderness the great debate”.  Wow, I have no idea what you were looking for.

My final search term that I would like to share is the one that prompted me to write these posts in the first place.  It’s something I have been thinking about ever since I read a similar post on The Pioneer Woman‘s blog, but this search was the final push to actually record these crazy searches.  So, for me, the search that takes the cake is “female with long brown hair. twin boys a baby and a girl”. What?


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  1. I’ve always wanted to write a post like this. Other than the hits I get daily from people looking for Jersey Shore things, I get a lot of inappropriate, yet hilarious ones. Don’t worry, I won’t share those here.

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