Funny Search Terms Part One

One of my favorite things about checking the stats page of my blog is reading all of the search terms that people have used to find my blog.  Most people come here looking for cake ideas.  I have had hundreds of searches for Rapunzel or Tangled cakes.  That cake is by far the most popular one that I have posted.

Most search terms I understand, but someone searched for “baked airplane” and I am just assuming they were looking for a cake in the shape of an airplane.  Another transportation cake search was “half house/half cruise ship cake”.  That sounds interesting.  I may have to Google that one and see what comes up.

Some poor parent living with a Lemonade Mouth fan must have been a little confused while searching for “lemonade teeth cake”.  Hopefully my Lemonade Mouth post was able to clear up some things for her.  My favorite cake related search has to be “show me butterfly theme cakes for baby shower”.  Sometimes it is frustrating searching for things on the internet and you just have to be stern.  Show me the butterfly cakes!  And while we are on the topic of butterfly cakes… “eating the butterfly cake” and “butterfly eating buns” are two searches that brought to mind some fun images.  I have no idea what those people were looking for, but I don’t think they found it here!

Cake decorating is an elaborate hobby these days.  I have started playing around with fondant and gum paste which add a lot to the look of the cake and open up endless possibilities as far as details that can be added.  The best search along these lines has to be “gumpaste pregnant women”.  That phrase is just funny.  And last but not least, I would like to thank the search engine that identified my blog with the search terms “nicest cake design”.

Tomorrow I will write about all of the funny, non cake related, search terms that brought people to my blog!



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