St. Basil’s Cathedral Cake

Last weekend I had the opportunity to make my first wedding cake.  It was not a traditional wedding cake, but I don’t think I would ever attempt a traditional wedding cake.  That sounds like way too much pressure.  My cousin asked me to make this cake for her because she and her husband were planning a big family party to celebrate their mew marriage.  Her husband is Russian, so we decided on St. Basil’s Cathedral for the inspiration for this cake.

It is a beautiful cathedral with such intricate detail and bright colors.  My fear was trying to do too much detail and having it look sloppy.  I decided to keep it simple with the brown fondant and small details with white and green royal icing.  My main focus was the onion domes and getting those right.  In the end I was happy with the colors.  I used gum paste to make the domes and the color scheme was right on.  The shape could have been better, but I think people definitely got the idea!

The best part of the cake was probably eating it!  The kids enjoyed eating the ice cream cones filled with cake and piled with sugar.  My daughter polished hers off in about two seconds.  It was an honor to make this cake for such a wonderful couple.  Best of all we had a great day visiting with family.


About Tanya

I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love to bake and create fancy cakes. Read more about my life at and see our latest family blog

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