I’ll Be There For You

I am posting this cake only because of what it symbolizes.  I made it several years ago and can now think of many things that I should have done differently.  I frosted the cake with white frosting and then spray painted it with food coloring from a spray can.  Why didn’t I just make purple frosting?  I made the picture frame out of fondant instead of gum paste and then painted the frame gold after it was assembled.  I think the painting was a good choice because I used the sparkly powder that you mix with clear vanilla extract or vodka.  I used vodka because I had never heard of clear vanilla extract.  I now know that Wilton makes it.

Anyway, if you are wondering what in the world that is a picture of, then you are probably not from my generation!  My best friend decided to have a Friends themed birthday party for her 30th birthday and the cake is the gold picture frame that hangs on the inside of Monica’s front door.  The tv series produced some fun episodes when it was time for the characters on the show to turn 30.  Of course, the real reason that this was the appropriate party theme is that my friend and I are a little obsessed with this show.  We watched Friends when it first aired and have kept up on our knowledge of the show by purchasing all of the seasons on DVD.  We often use lines from the show to communicate and have found it to be quite effective.

We have been friends since eighth grade and have really seen it all together.  We survived our teenage years with our friendship in tact and since then have been through college, starting careers, marriage, childbirth, and death.  So, today I am posting this in honor of my dearest friend.  Proof that there really is such thing as a BFF!  🙂


About Tanya

I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love to bake and create fancy cakes. Read more about my life at http://www.sahmscrapbook.wordpress.com and see our latest family blog http://www.legobible.wordpress.com

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