First Impressions

We survived the first day of school.  Parts of it were just as chaotic as I anticipated, but on the whole it was a good experience.  I, like my kindergartener, am exhausted so I am going to keep this short.  Here are my first impressions based on the first day of school.

Principal- Caring, welcoming, and great at communicating with the parents.  She also visited the classrooms today to introduce herself to the kids.  She was very visible all day.  No hiding in the office.  Love her!

Kindergarten Teacher- Organized, calm, welcoming towards students and parents.  Poor Morgan came home from school rather grumpy, but I think she will like her teacher once she gets used to this new school routine.

Fourth Grade Teacher- Super organized, greeted each student before taking the class inside, strict in a good way!  She is just what Emma needs.  Fortunately, Emma loved her.  She chatted excitedly about her first day from the time I picked her up until the time she went to bed.  She is also thrilled that part of her nightly homework is to curl up in a chair and read a book of her choice for 20 minutes.  I made her take a timer with her because I figured she would go back there with her book and we wouldn’t see her again all evening… all in the name of homework!

It looks like it’s going to be a good year.


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  1. You forgot to enter about the Mom and Grandma.
    Mom – Not too stressed out, just the right amount of goodbyes to a 4th grader and kisses for a kindergartener. All in all an experienced Mom
    Grandma – Also did not hang all over the 4th grader and gave the right amount of kisses and hugs to the kindergartener.
    And most importantly, no one cried!

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