DFW Cakes

A couple of years ago I accidentally introduced my husband to his favorite author.  I read some of David Foster Wallace’s essays in my book club and passed them along.  Little did I know that this would become his new obsession.  I won’t go into the ways that DFW has taken over our lives because this is not the right forum.  However, if you would like to check out my husband’s blog I know he would appreciate the traffic.  My first DFW cake was based on his blog, Letters to DFW.  This was also my first ever attempt at fondant and I realize it is not very good.  We decided that the book looks a little warped and damaged because it is so well loved!

My second DFW cake is called A Supposedly Fun Cake, which is based on one of my favorite DFW essays, “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again.”  It is a humorous account of Wallace’s experience on a cruise ship.  If you have ever been on a cruise, then it is a must read!  The other thing you should know about DFW is that his writing is heavily footnoted.  I decided to play on this fact and create my first ever footnoted cake.  In this picture you can only see the number one next to the ship’s name, but there are numbers in various places all over the cake.  The figures on the cake are made from Legos because my husband also loves Legos and I thought it would be fun to add that element to his birthday cake.

There may be more DFW cakes in my future, which is fine by me.  It is kind of fun to combine my love for cake decorating with my husband’s love for this unique author.


About Tanya

I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love to bake and create fancy cakes. Read more about my life at http://www.sahmscrapbook.wordpress.com and see our latest family blog http://www.legobible.wordpress.com

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  1. It’s awesome! And very postmodern, with the footnotes. Next you’ll be trying to add cyber links, eh?

  2. Oh my goodness, I love your cakes. Wish I could do half the stuff you do. Although I love baking, the only think I bake now are cookies 😦 So sad.
    Great to connect with you at Bloggy Moms,

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