First Birthday Tradition

Traditions have always been important to me.  I like to latch on to them and never let go regardless of how annoying that may be to those around me.  I guess I find them comforting and I love passing them on to my girls.  I hope that they love them and pass them on to their families someday too.

The traditional first birthday cake in my family was a 3D teddy bear cake.  My mom made one for me and my brother when we turned one.  So, when my first daughter turned one I decided that she had to have the same cake.  It was my first attempt at cake decorating, so basically I had no idea what I was in for.  This is probably a good thing.  I made the cake at my parents’ house, so my mom could help.  This is also a good thing.

We mixed the cake batter, poured it into the fancy mold, baked, cooled and … the cake fell to pieces!  Unfortunately, we did not start this process in the morning.  I believe we started after dinner.  After the first cake turned into that night’s dessert the panic started to set in.  The second cake was in the oven and I new this was my last chance.  If it fell apart we simply would not have time to make this teddy bear cake for my daughter.  And if you know how I feel about traditions, then you know that this would have surely been the end of the world for me.  I am sure I was near tears and completely stressed when it was time to peel the mold off of the second cake.

I was fortunate that the second cake held together an my mom helped my pipe all those little stars on the bear.  In the end, we had the perfect first birthday cake for our little birthday girl.





This teddy bear cake was the beginning of a new hobby for me.  I began decorating cakes for family birthdays and started acquiring a lot of supplies, including all of my mom’s stuff that she wasn’t really using anymore.

When my second daughter was turning one, I was ready to make another teddy bear.  This time I started early in the day, I learned my lesson, but of course the first cake I made held together perfectly.  I made some changes based on the theme of her party and once again had the necessary first birthday cake.




What are your family birthday traditions?  Do you have any special first birthday traditions? I want to hear from you!




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I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love to bake and create fancy cakes. Read more about my life at and see our latest family blog

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