My oldest daughter is allergic to barley, so I have spent some time looking for recipes for cookies, cakes and brownies that she can eat.  My typical go to site is The Pioneer Woman and she did not disappoint with this brownie recipe I found.   It was on her Tasty Kitchen site, which includes recipes from many contributors.  You really can’t go wrong on this site.  Anyway, I found a brownie recipe that looked amazing.  I tried it out with my own small adjustments and came up with these delicious peanut butter brownies.

I have tried them out on all of my friends and family and they can’t seem to get enough.  I have had so many requests for these, that I have actually considered selling them.  So, what’s a fair price for a batch of brownies… $10? $1,000,000?  Something in between?


About Tanya

I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love to bake and create fancy cakes. Read more about my life at and see our latest family blog

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  1. Emilie Holzer

    I will have to taste them to give you an accurate estimation of value. 😉

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